C  O  M  P  A  N  Y

Bamboobebe"The baby's health is the mother's happiness. THEBAMBOO is developing products with the cleanliness and ultimate softness of bamboo fibers for the health of the baby and happiness of the mother. We practice quality preferred management by insisting on domestic production from fabric to sewing. Our finished products of gauze handkerchiefs and reusable cloth diapers are certified Oeko-Tex standard 100 class 1 that guarantees trust in safety."


Bamboo Signature Cloth Diaper/Bath Towel MORE

Bamboo Signature Cloth Diaper/Bath Towel is a soft diaper made with 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton. Due to bamboo fabric, this features excellent softness, absorption and ventilation than cotton. This product can be used as a baby bath towel, swaddle, baby product covers, blanket and so on. In Korea, Korean moms typically use this as a bath towel due to an amazing absorbency. It's not only absorbent, but also soft, so it doesn't irritate your baby's skin and dries quickly. The finished product from textile to label is certified with European OEKO-TEX certification. Usage : 1. Bath towel: amazing absorbency, generous 110x90 cm to wrap your baby as you would a bath towel 2. Baby product covers: Baby pillows that cannot be washed frequently, nursing cushions, backflow prevention cushion covers, use when you are concerned about your baby's skin 3. Outdoor blanket: When you go out, put it in your bag and use it as a sunshade for your baby. When a baby is asleep, use it as a thin blanket for covering the tummy.