MEDIBTBlack Collagen Biome Body Scrub Wash

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"The first step to clear skin" Pearlite + charcoal powder + brown sugar fine particles gently care for dead skin cells that accumulate daily without irritation. You can even feel the feeling of receiving a high-quality massage with fine particles that become softer as you roll. "Fill in the places where the old dead skin cells have left with moisture." Did you apply a lot of sticky body lotion because your skin was dry after washing up? Experience moist and glowing skin even after taking a shower with the natural moisturizing power of D-Panthenol and the deep moisture of 5-fold hyaluronic acid! "The radiance and elasticity that fills the skin deep with just a shower" Pearl powder, honey, and natural cleansing ingredients full of essential amino acids brighten dull skin, and 300-dalton ultra-low molecular collagen provides high elasticity. The microbiome, a beneficial skin bacteria, fills the skin with insufficient nutrients and maintains the skin barrier by regulating a healthy pH balance. "Give out fragrance your whole body, with the scent of white musk when your own time in need of healing" Wear the clean and sensual scent of the sky that changes from lavender to clear blue on the hill of Montmartre, Paris, with the morning sunlight on its back